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With its vision “To become the most respected and profitable organic waste treatment firm by providing sustainable value to our customers and stakeholders”, the Company is in the business of using industrial strength high-tech bio-organic processing technology to treat organic waste, converting it into economically valuable bio-organic fertilizers (“BOF”). BOF are used in organic farming, horticulture, cash crops and plantations of palm oil, rice, rubber, tea and other agricultural produce.


By incorporating the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (“UNFCCC”) Clean Development Mechanism (“CDM”) process and management approach into its operations, the Company is also able to increase its revenue stream apart from the sale of BOF with sales of Carbon Emissions Reductions (“CERs”) from the United Nations’ implementation of the Kyoto Protocol.
The Company was founded by Wings Strategic Management Sdn Bhd and Climate Change Capital Carbon Fund II to engage in promoting its unique business model, Inno-Works, initially, to the Palm Oil Industry.

There are currently over 400 palm oil mills in Malaysia. The Company is targeting to capture at least 5% of the existing palm oil mills to adopt the zero waste treatment schemes under the BOO model within the next 10 years. This will generate large quantities of BOF for commercialization.


The principle of Inno-Works™ is to innovate and integrate the current business practice with sustainable resources management whereby the economic benefits derived from the Company’s recycle approach are shared among the industry stake holders and local communities.

Inno-Works™ has three distinct components. First, the necessary structured finance required to promote Build, Operate and Own (“BOO”) Model or/and Build Operate and Transfer (“BOT”) Model. Together with of Climate Change Capital Ltd, the Company has access to various Carbon Funds to take the initial steps in getting the industry to participate in sustainable waste management practices. Second, the successful integration of matured Industrial strength waste treatment technology with local bio-technology knowhow and applications to facilitate the production of valuable Bio-Organic fertilizers. Third, the joint operational management model with the existing business that entails tightly coupled resource sharing and revenue sharing mechanism.

The key deliverables of Inno-Works™ for the palm oil industry

  • Minimum cost for sustainable waste treatment for all the solid and liquid wastes from the palm oil mill
  • Revenue for joint waste treatment plant operations
  • Revenue sharing mechanism for the sales of BOF to open market
  • Supply of BOF for Plantations own consumption via a special cost + mechanism