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  Inno Integrasi Commercially Launches Inno-Works™ for Kwantas Mewah Palm Oil Mill An Integrated Waste Management & Bio-Organic Fertilizer Plant

December 6, 2010
Inno Integrasi announces the commercial launch of the Inno-Works™ Scheme, which promotes integrated waste management and bio-organic fertilizer plants for adoption by palm oil mills and plantations.

The Inno-Works™ scheme provides palm oil plantations with the treatment of all organic waste from palm oil mills that includes empty fruit bunches (EFB), decanter cake, suspended solid sludge, boiler ash and palm oil mill effluent (POME) in a controlled and sustainable manner. The treated organic material is fortified with a beneficial and natural microbial formulation and the end product is a rich blend of pathogen-free, bio-organic fertilizer, for use by the surrounding plantation.

Inno-Works™ incorporates AM0039, a large scale Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) methodology that provides for methane emissions reduction from organic waste water and organic solid waste, using co-composting. With this large scale CDM methodology, the Inno-Works™ scheme aims to generate a significant volume of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) through a rigorous compliance and monitoring procedure. The scheme would also represent an important step in bringing the international carbon economy into the rural development of Malaysia.

Inno Integrasi’s first commercial launch is located at Kwantas-Mewah palm oil mill, near Lahad Datu, Sabah, Malaysia. The integrated waste treatment and bio-organic fertilizer plant came into commercial production in October 2010 and is designed to process both the solid waste and waste water from a 400,000 tonnes of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) per annum palm oil mill. The facility is targeted to produce approximately 25,000 tonnes of bio-organic fertilizer and generate on average up to 100,000 CERs annually. Kwantas Group would be able to establish a carbon reduction of around 4 CERs per hectare due to the application of these bio-organic fertilizers. A second site for another plantation group in Tingkayu, Sabah is currently in construction and is expected to be commissioned in early 2011. Both plants were developed through project financing facilities from Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (MDV), structured to cater for the unique financial requirements of the Inno-WorksTM scheme.

The Inno Integrasi plant located next to Mewah palm oil mill is fully covered and takes up an area of 1 hectare. The plant consists of pre-treatment, post-treatment, composting and curing areas. After going through an accelerated composting process, the material is further cured and enhanced with a unique natural microbial formula before being bagged and recycled back to the surrounding plantations. The total processing time is 28 days, significantly lower than non-integrated windrow composting systems that could take up to 72 days.

The intrinsic value of the Inno-Works™ scheme for the palm oil industry is encapsulated in the manner in which the industry would achieve significant cost savings in CPO production via better plant health and reduced fertilization cost, while embracing a sustainable resource management approach in the recycling of waste streams back to nature in the form of bio-organic fertilizers.

The Inno-Works™ scheme encompasses funding, project and operations management, integrated technical assistance, skills development, CDM administration, bio-formulation services and bio-organic fertilizer quality assurance. Inno Integrasi also works closely with MDV to provide similar project financing for qualifying palm oil mills and plantations.

Inno Integrasi is a joint venture company between Climate Change Capital (CCC) and Wings Strategic Management. In addition to its equity stake in Inno Integrasi, CCC provides CDM services and offtakes CERs generated by Inno-Works™ projects.