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July 2008, Kwantas Group has signed up for Inno-Works scheme.

The Company has conducted an open forum with Kwantas Oil Sdn Bhd in Lahad Datu to solicit feed back from local stakeholders with regards to the proposed plan to implement Inno-Works for Mewah Palm Oil Mill and Pintasan Palm Oil mill in the Kinabatangan district of the state of Sabah.
Mr. Andrew Pearson
Mr. Javier Rojo

During the open forum, the participants were given an overview of the Carbon Finance Market and the current status of the UNFCCC’s effort of CDM projects under the Kyoto Protocol, by Mr. Andrew Pearson – Director for Carbon Finance, Climate Change Capital from London.

Mr. Javier Rojo as Director of Inno Integrasi also brief the participants on the overall scheme of Inno-Works and the integrated waste treatment technology that the company intends to implement for Kwantas Oil Sdn Bhd.

In brief, the questions and comments raised by the participants covered issues such as project sustainability (environmental, social and economic), discharges/emissions into the environment, economic benefits to the industry, and impact to the local community, especially within the river basin where the mills are located. In addition questions were raised on clarification of CDM and the CDM process, its duration and requirements and related financial aspect.

From the forum, the proposed CDM projects received very strong support from the local

communities and NGOs. The Company hopes to be able to engage more Palm Oil Mill participation in Inno-Works scheme in the coming months.