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  BOO and BOT of organic waste treatment plants

The palm oil industry in Malaysia generates large quantities of solid and liquid waste. Sustainable waste treatment and management practices are crucial to minimizing adverse environmental impact of waste streams.

The Company’s core expertise lies in its efficiency in treating this waste and its initial commercialization of two key biotechnology sectors as follows:

The integrated use of in-vessel compost processing plants and bio-technology to treat palm oil waste.
Applying the process principles of a bio-reactor, the in-vessel compost processing plant is a sealed organic compost processing cell with high-rate aeration to accelerate the decomposition of organic wastes.
This system will employ precision process engineering that is fully automated by computer control for a continually controlled compost processing environment to maintain the optimum levels of temperature, moisture and oxygen content for aerobic composting process.
The agronomics in the design and application of BOF for the plantation industry (especially palm oil) and other fruit and vegetable farms.

For the palm oil industry, due to the inherent high cost and perceived bio-technology risks involved, many palm mill owners are reluctant to participate in any new waste treatment initiatives. Thus, to encourage adoption of Inno-Works, the Company’s typical BOO model is as follows:

  • The Company will fully finance the construction of the waste treatment plant situated next to or near each palm oil mill.
  • The Company will jointly manage and operate the waste treatment plants with the Palm Oil Mill Operator.
  • Revenue sharing mechanism for the sales of BOF to open market
  • Supply of BOF for Plantations own consumption via a special cost + mechanism


It is expected that the palm oil estates would be the major purchaser of the BOF. However, there is also a huge market for BOF in the organic vegetable and fruit farms in the region. The BOF is also in high demand in the horticulture markets in Europe and the Middle East, where it will command a high premium.

In view of the current escalating cost of Chemical fertilizers and transportation, the prospect of having a sustainable supply of BOF in the same geographical location will hasten the adoption of Inno-Works.