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  Integrated In-Vessel biomass composting and bio-reactors platform

The core technology platform that the Company employs for our organic waste treatment process consists of two key components. First, our waste treatment plant will have an industrial strength In-Vessel biomass composting facility and second, on-site bio-reactors for the production of microbial formulations.

In-Vessel composting facility is usually constructed next to where the organic waste streams are discharged. The principle of In-Vessel composting is the tightly controlled environmental conditions, including temperature, moisture and aeration, for biomass composting via automated control system. This process can be deployed all year round in virtually any type of climates. The solid organic waste streams are pretreated into a form factor that will enable the resulting biomass be transferred by front end loader into the In-Vessel composting tunnels. Once the tunnels are filled and ready to process, the tunnels will be sealed off and the biomass in the tunnels will be aerated on a pre-determined process schedule whereby optimum composting process conditions are maintained. Under these computer controlled environments, the biomass will undergo a high rate of decomposition within 2 to 4 weeks.

On-site Bio-reactors will produce the necessary inoculants to enhance the composting process and more importantly, sufficient amount of beneficial microbial formulations that will convert the compost into specific blend of bio-organic fertilizers. These microbial formulations will be deployed during the In-Vessel composting stage as well as the curing stage pending on the final bio-organic fertilizers specification.

Due to the all weather, high rate composting process that we have, the foot print of the waste treatment facility is typically much smaller than other composting technologies such as windrow. In the palm oil industry, our waste treatment plant that cater to handle all organic waste streams from a 45MT/hr palm oil mill would typically occupy approximately 1 hectare of space. The plant would consist of a pre-composting treatment section, In-Vessel composting tunnels, post-composting curing section and bio-organic fertilizer packing section.