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  “Tingkayu Palm Oil Mill has joined Inno-Works™ scheme"

April 2009, Tingkayu Palm Oil Mill has joined Inno-Works™ scheme. The palm oil mill is located near Kunak, Sabah and operated by Koong Shing Sdn Bhd. An open forum was held in Tawau to solicit local stakeholders and communities’ feedback with regards to the proposed integrated waste treatment plant to be build next to Tingkayu Palm Oil Mill as per Inno-Work™ scheme.

Mr Javier Rojo of Climate Change Capital Ltd has provided the latest update on the CDM market and the intrinsic value propositions that Inno-Work™ scheme bring to prospective palm oil mill operators that intend to embark into CDM projects.

The open forum has received positive responses from the participants. The company is very encourage by the level of interest from the local communities especially after our Executive Director, Mr Shen Lim has elaborated the technical aspects of the scheme and associated potential benefits that the palm oil mills and plantations can garner from the deployment of this sustainable recycle scheme.

The Company/Climate Change Capital Ltd, as it does with every investment, has carefully examined the environmental benefits of this project before committing to it. We are proud of our involvement, which helps to prevent pollution by converting what would have been uncontrolled waste into bio-fertilisers which will be used on the land from which it came. This makes the land more productive and sustainable. Inno Integrasi, is a member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil.